Young Gardeners

Llanishen Fach Primary School near Cardiff have been getting the children interested in gardening at a young age by starting a gardening club. After lots of hard work building raised beds and planting rows of lettuces, they decided to test out various ways and means of controlling the slug and snail population.

The children planted a control row, and alongside that they tried various traditional remedies such as egg shells, beer traps and

coffee grounds, plus a row of Slug Gone wool pellets.  Although they don’t seem to be particularly troubled by slugs at the moment, possibly because the raised beds are new, they observed that the lettuces protected by Slug Gone were bigger and greener than all the others. They found that mulching generally gave better results with the lettuces than those which had no protection, and the beer traps were the least well grown.

Well done to Llanishen Fach primary school for starting the club and getting the children interested in gardening, along with the benefits of eating home-grown produce.  Are these the dedicated gardeners of the future? We hope so!

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