Joe Maiden writes for Slug Gone

We are delighted to have Joe Maiden, lifetime horticulturist, garden writer, broadcaster, journalist, Chairman of the West Yorkshire branch of the National Vegetable Society, President of Adel Horticultural Society, President of the British Isle Rose Society, life member of the Leeds Horticultural Society and garden consultant writing for our website.

Joe has been using wool fibre sheep pellets for about 30 years. These pellets are now of course sold by Vitax under the name of Slug Gone, but Joe explained that the pellets have gone through several changes of name starting with Dags, and progressing to Dalesman, Blooming Marvellous, Sheepit, and finally Slug Gone.

Joe has found this product to be invaluable to him, using it on flowers, fruit, vegetables and cut flowers with great success.  Slug Gone is mainly known as a slug and snail repellent, but Joe has unique ways of using it, for instance as a total organic long-lasting feed for things like hanging baskets and all his exhibition vegetables, as well as being a good repellent against the dreaded slugs and snails. He says he wouldn’t be without this product.

Joe has also been known to use Slug Gone as a liquid feed by putting one 10 litre tub of the pellets into a hessian sack and dunking it for three weeks in about 25 gallons of water in a dolly tub or dustbin. One jamjar full of this concentrated liquid to two gallons of water makes a very cheap and tremendous liquid feed for use in the summertime.  When finished with the sackfull, he takes the remnants out of the sack and throws them around the garden for slug control.

We’re so pleased to hear that Joe is such a devoted fan of Slug Gone, and in particular to find that he uses it for its naturally occurring slow release nutrients just as much as its slug and snail repellent properties. We can also add that it helps to improve moisture retention, is suitable for organic gardens, and is safe to use around children and pets – a truly multipurpose product.

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